About Us



If you are a Real Rat Bastard, then you have always longed for a place where you could hang out with other Rat Bastards and call home. Well this is your place! Welcome to RAT BASTARD NATION.COM

We Rat Bastards have always worked hard, played hard and enjoyed life and all that it has to offer. Most other people don’t enjoy life and all its bounty and they are pretty miserable sad sacks. We here at RAT BASTARD NATION enjoy life and all it offers. That is why people call us RAT BASTARDS, because we enjoy life, and they maybe don’t!

Do you need to test to be a part of the RAT BASTARD NATION?

If you need a test, or think you need a test to be a RAT BASTARD you are not a RAT BASTARD and YOU probably do not need to be here or anywhere.     REAL RAT BASTARD’S know deep in their hearts they are RAT BASTARDS and don’t need any one to tell you, you are or you aren’t. You would NOT believe them anyway.

If you wonder if you are…you are or you would not be here!

If you wonder if someone else is a RAT BASTARD or NOT, just trust your instincts, if you think they are, THEY ARE FOR SURE.

So what do citizens of The RAT BASTARD NATION like?     Well the short answer is just about anything.   Most of us are gearheads and love any and all things that make noise, smell bad, look good parked or moving.

When you walk down the street people have always called you a RAT BASTARD, sometimes behind your back, and sometimes not.     Well, here is place when you can hold you head up high and say “Yes, I am a RAT BASTARD, and proud of it!”     We RAT BASTARD’s  have our own nation! Welcome to www.RatBastardNation.com”    Welcome Home you RAT BASTARD!

Why Rat Bastard Nation.Com?

Here you can communicate with other RAT BASTARDS, buy RAT BASTARD NATION stuff to proudly show you are a real RAT BASTARD NATION member.    Real RAT BASTARDS can buy stuff, and those how KNOW other RAT BASTARDS can buy stuff for them here!     Hey, being a RAT BASTARD myself you did not think I was doing this for nothing did you?  This is coming but for now I have nothing sell and we never will charge for the site…no self-respecting Rat Bastard would pay for this, would we!

If you have items or suggestions that you want to make for this adventure please let me know I would be glad to incorporate these into the site!