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Rat Bastard Nation Events and Interests

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Chuck Carroll


Chuck took this one of Fran  Haasch, the Haaschett’s, Rev. Jim and me at the event!

My Good Buddy Chuck Carroll is a fine photographer and good guy too!

He took a ton of great pictures at the recent Bike Builders EXPO in Pinelles Park Florida.

I thought you might like to tag a look an see what Chuck has done!

Bike Builders Expo – February 18, 2017 – Chuck Carroll

Bike Builders Show – 2-18-2017 Chuck Carroll

Click here to see much more of Chuck’s stuff!


Yes,  he is a RAT BASTARD!



Signs by Liza

BMW Cafe Racer

Racing-oriented boxer appeal (riding position, clip-ons, half-fairing)
MSRP: $13,295
Availability: March 2017
Standard Features vs. R nineT:
Single seat with motorsport painted tail hump vs. double passenger seat
Painted steel tank, traditional forks, cast wheels, single tailpipe
Sport riding position (lower clip-on handlebars; footpegs slightly higher, further back)
Half-fairing with windscreen
Factory Options:
Spoked Wheels: $500
Aluminum Fuel Tank 1 (hand brushed aluminum with sanded weld): $950
Aluminum Fuel Tank 2 (hand brushed aluminum with visible weld): $850
Chrome Exhaust: $150
Heated Grips: $250
Anti-Theft Alarm: $395
Automatic Stability Control: $400
Light White (w/ motorsport accent graphic)



I like the style of this bike…any any Rat Bastard should!   New stuff that looks like old stuff and runs like new stuff…


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Jay “Pee Wee” Gleason

Yamaha Mourns The Passing Of Dragbike Racing Legend Jay “PeeWee” Gleason

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., is sad to learn that Jay “PeeWee” Gleason, an iconic dragbike racer and member of its Yamaha family of racers, passed away over the weekend.

Bob Starr, General Manager of Communication at Yamaha Motor U.S., said, “PeeWee is a huge part of the Yamaha VMAX legend. His talent on a dragbike helped us sell a lot of VMAX motorcycles, and he will forever be associated with the fabled, V4-powered, Sport Heritage machine. Mention ‘PeeWee Gleason’ and a lot of people instantly think of the VMAX, and what he did on that bike. We will miss him, but we will never forget him.”

Back in 1986, for a feature story that was published in Cycle World magazine, Jay ‘PeeWee’ Gleason, a well-known and highly talent dragbike racer, climbed aboard a Yamaha VMX12 VMAX at Baylands Raceway, did a rousing and smoky burnout to bring the rear tire up to temperature and maximum grip, and proceeded to post a quarter-mile time of under nine seconds.

That day, the world found out that the VMAX was the fastest, quickest, most powerful production bike ever. It also compelled many customers to visit their local Yamaha dealers and purchase VMAX motorcycles of their very own.

In 2009, more than two decades after his original VMAX quarter-mile run, PeeWee repeated history aboard a 2009 VMAX, on which he ran the quarter mile in 9.513 seconds and at a trap speed of 143.70 miles per hour.

Jay “PeeWee” Gleason was one of a kind; a soft-spoken, yet highly talented dragbike racer. Godspeed, PeeWee.

Published on Apr 7, 2012

Honda V65 Magna motorcycle commercial (1983)
Jay “PeeWee” Gleason on V65 Honda Magna, this was shown on the SUPER BOWL 1983. World’s fastest production bike and “Pee Wee” rode into history.

Hogan's Beach Bike Night

1972 Kawasaki Mach IV H2 Triple | TWO-STROKES!

From Motorcyclist! By Mitch Boehm Photos: Kevin Wing, Rebecca Hinden April 17, 2015
1972 Kawasaki Mach IV H2 Triple | TWO-STROKES!


MachSpeed: Kawasaki’s awe-inspiring 1972 Mach IV and the debunking of the Widowmaker myth.

By Mitch Boehm Photos: Kevin Wing, Rebecca Hinden April 17, 2015

Even racers and hard-core enthusiasts of the day were anxious about the Kawasaki H2, especially those who’d ridden its peaky and twitchy 500cc little brother—the 1969 Mach III H1. “Many of us,” says old-school club-racer Jack Seaver, “considered the idea of a 750cc H1 and asked, ‘Are you kidding?’”

Click here for the full article its a good read!



Is there a Rat Bastard Alive that would not like to have one of these to ride!


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