Rat Bastard Nation events and interests

Rat Bastard Nation Events and Interests

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RatsHole Show in Leesburg, Florida!

Working on the bike getting ready for the Big RatsHole Show in Leesburg, Florida!

The orange bike stripped down for a little work…

I think we need some new plugs too…these are a little smoky…

REV Jim spraying…

REV Jim working with files and wires…the little stuff is all gummed up!


Rev Jim cleaning carbs on the famous Orange Bike.  We are all heading up to Leesburg to the world famous Ratshole Show. If you are going, please stop by and say hello. Racing for Orphans crew will be there.
Signs by Liza

Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

GALLERY: Individuality Is The Ethos Of The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show
Take good look at this moto

By Alex Sobran

April 26, 2017

Click here see some awesome stuff!

Photography by Steve West

This past weekend marked the fourth year iteration of the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas, and the display of craftsmanship and style in each bike culminated into an emphatic statement declaring the ongoing viability and vitality of building things ourselves. It is a soothingly hypnotic and arguably beautiful thing to watch videos of modern automated production facilities churning out lab-sterile products one after identical other, but surely that should not be the only way things are made.

Rat Bastards ALL!

Signs by Liza

Joe Palermo 1967 BMW R60 radical street rod

Up for sale is an old friend of ours bike…he passed away so none other like this baby!

Click here to bid on Ebay!!

Up for sale is a one of a kind, custom built, multiple world show winning , 1967 BMW R60 radical street rod!!!

This bike was built by the late, great, Biker Build off, master builder Joe Palermo of World Class Customs, and has won every top award since it’s debut in 2014!!!

It has one the Daytona Boardwalk show, the Rat’s Hole best custom build, The Dubai world motorcycle show and many more top honors.


Along with all of the photos is an article written by Barnett’s magazine detailing the complete build and how each and every nut and bolt on this stunning classic custom has been replaced and show polished to perfection!

No expense was spared to create this one of a kind masterpiece, from the full carbon fiber fenders, wheels and fuel tank to the show polished frame, drive-train and exhaust system! This bike’s selling for over $25,000 less than its appraised value and would be a steal for any collector!!! The bike comes with all of the trophies and winning plaques as well.

This is a numbered 1967 BMW with the matching frame & engine VIN numbers so it should not be difficult at all to export anywhere in the world! (SEE PHOTOS OF VINS)

This bike is located in the Daytona beach-Volusia county area and the buyer is responsible for the cost and shipping of this bike. Keep in mind this bike is fully serviced and ready to ride now!!!

If you need a shipping quote or help shipping it anywhere in the world, please send me an email and i will be able to get you a quote ASAP!!!

I am selling this insane bike for Joe’s widow and because he was one of my great friends. I would like to do one last good thing for his family!!!

Miss you brother!!!

Thank you for looking and bidding on a piece of motorcycling history!!


Click here to bid on Ebay!!


Joe was REAL Rat Bastard so if you wont to help here you go!




Jenson Brothers Seafood

Larry “Spiderman” McBride

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, arguably the most significant #dragbike run of all-time, October 31, 1999 in front of about 40,000 fans at a #NHRA event in Houston, Larry “Spiderman” McBride becomes the first #motorcycle #dragracer to reach the five second zone with an historic 5.993, 243.68 mph run. It was named the NHRA’s “1999 Run of the Year.” Following this run McBride and his machine “Blue” would go on to run more five-second passes that all #TopFuel motorcycle racers combined.

Larry and his brother Steve are helping us with the Racing For Orphans Project!

You can visit his website at www.larrymcbride.com



Signs by Liza

CB750 F Tank Covers

A quick photo summary of the making of CB750 F tank covers !

Brad Replogie and REV Jim

Thanks to Brad Replogle, Provided an old tank to use as a plug.

Preachers, Bead blasted it and smoothed the metal.




D&M made the molds…


All three of them.


D&M then made all three tanks !  Thanks guys!

Tribbey Marine and auto body made it straight and white for the test bike!

Take a look at the test Bike here!


A big thank you to all who helped on this project!




Hogan's Beach Bike Night