Rat Bastard Nation events and interests

Rat Bastard Nation Events and Interests

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FEZ Monkey’s Going to Bonneville

Talked with Gina Morrill Olson of world Famous Fez Monkeys and planning of going this year to the AMA motorcycle only event at Bonneville.
Are you going?

World Famous “Mort” Neil Olson of the Fez Monkey’s gives us an interview in 2016 at Bonneville.

These guys are great people and “Mort” is the ex facto “leader” of this family.

Signs by Liza

I had a really nice long conversation with Drew Woodford husband of Ashley Woodford of the world famous Buell Bros.

Racing team last night. He was pumped up about the AMA, motorcycle only, meet at Bonneville this year.

He asked if I was going and said, “Well, yes I am”. So who else is planning of going this year?

The Dates are August 25 to August 30, 2018 at the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah.

So who else wants to go this year? BIG fun and once in life time event.

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45 Magnum for Sale!

Steve is Selling this wonderful award winning bike click below for the full story and details!


2009 World Championship competitor
BuilderSteve “BREWdude” Garn
OwnerSteve “BREWdude” Garn
LocationCreston, NC
Country USA
Bike NameTime Bomb 45 Magnum
Year/Model1958 Harley Davidson 45 cases/Ironhead Top End
Engine Make/SizeHarley Davidson / 900cc/ 54 Cu. In.
DrivetrainBSA A10
Frame Make/TypeBREW 4130
Front EndMachined Betor Forks, Ceriani Triple Trees
Wheels Front70’s Akront/Spool Hub w/SS Spokes
Wheels Rear81 XR350 Hub/Excell Rim w/SS Spokes
Tires FrontMetzeler Tourance 110/80R-19
Tires RearMetzeler Tourance 140/80R-17
Brakes Frontnone
Brakes Rear Honda XR350
Chroming/PlatingPowder- BREW
Additional InfoWelded and machined HD 45 cu. in. flathead cases with HD 54 cu. in. Ironhead Sportster top end. Top end now uses case studs. The flywheels are heavily modified Sportster (Big Twin motor sprocket shaft) with a mix of Big Twin and modified bearings. Heads are Ironhead- intake section removed and reworked for dual left/right Amals. Also the heads were machined for dual plugs. Early HD P cams modifed for drive of the 45 oil pump. Split rockers for access to dual spark plug location. Stepped SS equal length exhaust. Total research. welding, machining and assembly of engine took 320 hours.
BREW elastomer seat suspension. Seat pan-BREW. Seat -Duane Ballard
BREW Titanium bars.
Total Bike Wt. 311 lb!© AMDChampionship.com

For full detail click below!


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