Rat Bastard Nation events and interests

Rat Bastard Nation Events and Interests

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AMA national records 2017 Bonneville


The following individuals secured AMA national records at the 2017 event:

Class, speed, name, make

100-APS-BF; 106.226 mph; Jena-Pual Afflick; Kitaco/Honda

100-P-CG; 55.245 mph; Bill Conway; Bridgestone

125-M-CG; 79.412 mph; Robert Van Stee; Bultaco

250-P-PC; 61.220 mph; Brice Clements; Harley Davidson

350-A-CF; 121.246 mph; Steve Garn; Yamaha

350-A-CG; 120.254 mph; Steve Garn; Yamaha

350-A-VG; 69.258 mph; Rick Bargholz; Matchless

350-APS-AG; 170.519 mph; Jeff Henise; Highwayman

350-APS-CF; 120.609 mph; Steve Garn; Yamaha

350-APS-CG; 163.292 mph; Christopher Glaister; Highwayman

350-MPS-CF; 102.696 mph; Criag Vetter; Yamaha

350-MPS-PBG; 124.114 mph; Michael Noonan; Moto Guzzi

350-MPS-PG; 92.248 mph; Roberto Lombardi; Moto Morini

650-MPS-AF; 178.345 mph; Lynn Ala Pfeiler; Kawasaki

650-MPS-BG; 171.122 mph; Anna Skurdal; Suzuki

650-P-PC; 98.928 mph; Steve Rogers.; Kawasaki

650-P-PG; 99.029 mph; Steve Rogers.; Kawasaki

650-P-PP; 99.901mph; Steve Rogers.; Kawasaki

750-A-AF; 169.426 mph; Nicholas Moore; Ducati W3

750-A-AG; 157.156 mph; Corey Bertelsen; Suzuki

750-APS-AF; 171.958 mph; Dale Zlock.; Kawzuki (Kawasaki frame/Suzuki engine)

750-APS-AG; 172.221 mph; Dale Zlock.; Kawzuki (Kawasaki frame/Suzuki engine)

750-M-CG; 136.473 mph; Bob Duncan; Triumph

750-P-PC; 112.283 mph; Richard Magee; Honda

750-P-PV; 87.938 mph; Stephen Clough; Indian

1000-APS-AF; 203.864 mph; Dale Zlock; Kawasaki

1000-APS-AG; 192.897 mph; Dale Zlock; Kawasaki;

1000-APS-BG; 177.987 mph; William Whisenant; Ducati-W3

1000-APS-PBF; 156.72 mph; Kenneth Zetterquist; Harley Davidson

1000-APS-PF; 183.789 mph; Tom Mellor; Triumph

1000-M-AF; 191.299 mph; Erin Sills; BMW

1000-M-BF; 178.354 mph; Dustin King: Kawasaki

1000-MPS-CBF; 124.681 mph; Dwight Horst Jr.; Kawasaki

1000-SC-CG; 95.777 mph; Danielle Cote.; BMW

1350-A-AF; 198.659 mph; Dave McLachlan; Bones Built

1350-A-CF; 128.437 mph; Fran Carpio; Suzuki

1350-APS-CF; 106.014 mph; Robert Cardiff; Suzuki

1350-M-CG; 137.854 mph; Don Mills; Suzuki

1350-MPS-AG; 223.981 mph; Erin Okonek; Suzuki

1350-MPS-CG; 145.894 mph; Don Mills; Suzuki

1350-SC-PG; 126.165 mph; Kenny Reister.; Harley-Davidson

1650-APS-VF; 124.75 mph; Fredrick Hector; Harley-Davidson

1650-MPS-BF; 216.368 mph; Jim Cole; Suzuki

1650-MPS-BG; 211.169 mph; Jim Cole; Suzuki

2000-A-PBG; 175.071 mph; Jay Allen.; S&S Cycle

2000-APS-PBG; 222.204 mph; Jay Allen; S&S Cycle

2000-P-P; 166.057 mph; John Mateu; Yamaha

3000-A-PBF; 226.1 mph; Hirohisa Koiso; Harley-Davidson/JIMS

3000-A-PBG; 216.818 mph; Hirohisa Koiso.; Harley-Davidson/JIMS

3000-M-AF; 176.933 mph; Jeremy Ragle; Triumph

150-M-W; 93.338 mph; William Cameron; Alta

150-MPS-W; 103.530 mph; Jose Mateu.; Alta


Congrats to All!

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Standard Motorcycle Company



 Check this out if you are in the Orlando area.   Good people and real motorcycle guys!


The past few months have been AMAZING at Standard, and though we’ve been working hard, we wanted to take a break and share the news of what’s coming.

Question: What does Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, Foxtail Coffee Co., and Exotic Car Trader have in common? They’ve all partnered with Standard!

Also, if you haven’t been by the shop in the last month or so, you might not know that we’re opening a full-service barber shop and salon, tattoo parlor, and coffee bar!


Get the low-down on everything we’ve been up to HERE

– The SMC Crew

A whole crew of RAT BASTARDS…All hanging out in Orlando fixing bikes, and having fun!

Signs by Liza

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2017 


The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2017 has kicked into gear, raising over $600,000 USD in only the first 2 weeks for prostate cancer and men’s mental health on behalf of our charity partner, the Movember Foundation.

Another warm thank you to our fantastic partners, Triumph Motorcycles and Zenith Watches for their ongoing support and premium prizes.




Introducing the first 7-Day Sprint for 2017! Triumph Motorcycles, have offered 20 dapper Digby Jackets for this weeks’ highest fundraisers. These are fully equipped to handle the harshness of any moto-misadventure with full-approved protection, while keeping the distinguished look in woven wool-tweed and leather trim details. 




2017 boasts an incredible array of rewards on offer, achievable to all our registered riders. Not only does every rider who raises over $200 USD enter the Gentlefolk Competition, but the highest, second highest, and third highest global fundraisers also have incredible prize-packs on offer. 

Our Top 3 Fundraisers will each receive a 2017 Triumph from the Modern Classic range, a limited edition Zenith x DGR Ton-Up Timepiece, and a custom 2017 Hedon x DGR helmet.



True gentlefolk never take unnecessary risks. He controls his environment and ensures never to endanger the lives or belongings of his fellow man. This year, like all others, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride implores you to take care out there. Ride proud and resemble nothing but the utmost gentlefolk by showing kindness and support to those around you while parading through the streets.

Respect the speed limits. Respect the rules.



  The Official 2017 DGR Prize Patch is here in all it’s glory. All registered riders who raise over $200 USD will be rewarded with this to wear proudly as a symbol of your tremendous efforts in raising funds for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.


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Kirk Higgins Moto-Tow 2017

Kirk Higgins Moto-Tow Inc.

I just wanted to give some great props to Kirk Higgins and his company Moto-Tow, Inc.    I had the occasion to move a couple of bikes, not an emergency breakdown, but the bikes needed to be moved on a very definite schedule and time.  I called Kirk and arranged the time for pickup.     The location was on a tricky frontage road on US 19 and usually everyone gets lost.  Not Kirk’s guy, he was on time and loaded both bikes without a scratch before even the paperwork was done!   He then had the bikes moved to my location and again unloaded each quick and with great courtesy.

Now the interesting part begins.     I then asked how much for this great work.    The guy looks at me and says, “Nothing”.   I say “Nothing?”   I am a little confused, but then he says “call Kirk”   I do call him and had a most interesting conversation.  Kirk tells me that when he first stated in Business as Moto-Tow we, that is me and guys I hung around with, were the first to talk to him and then talk about him in a good way to others.  He said we helped greatly in his success and there was no charge for the tow.    I was stunned and gave the driver a nice tip and a cigar for him and Kirk, (Hey!  I saved a bundle already) and walked back into the garage.

This whole situation made me think, how many times are favors given out to people, and you expect nothing in return.      You give because you like the person or maybe it easier to go ahead and say yes.     What is interesting about this situation is that I started giving this favor several years ago.   I gave only my honest opinion and good words, and a recommendation for Kirk and his business.  Kirk remembered this and when it came time he could do a good turn for me. he did.      This tells a lot about an individual.   Kirk not only remembers who helped him, but returns a favor even when it is given even without a string.   We used to call this “honorable” and being a “good guy”.     Honor and being a “good guy” are terms we don’t hear that much these days, Kirk Higgins fits these words and shows by his deeds he a a good guy and honorable one too.

So if you are looking to have your bikes moved, like me, or towed in dead on the road…there is only one guy to call for honorable service from a good guy.

Kirk Higgins from Moto-Tow 727-643-8214  put this in your phone, you never know when you will need it.


Like their Facebook Page




Is Kirk Higgins a RAT BASTARD… Yes, in every sense of the word!


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