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Rat Bastard Nation Events and Interests

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Ratshole Show 2017

Well boys and girls, I think we need a little catch up on the orange bike.


REV Jim and Terry
As you remember the bike we built for Cafe Racer TV in 2012 season won the Ratshole Leesburg show in 2012.
Well this year in 2017, 5 years later the same bike won again in Daytona at the RATSHOLE show! The Ratshole is probably the finest bike show in the USA, so we are pretty proud.

So the same bike has one TWO RATS five years apart and going for more!

2017 Rat on the Left with Terry and 2012 on the right with REV Jim


Of course, in between that time it was Drag raced by Ricky Gadson worked on by Larry and Steve Macbride, rode to bikes nights by an unnamed lawyer in Florida, crashed and wrecked and finally returned home by the crew and being re-purposed for Bonneville by REV Jim.


Now it a part of the Racing For Orphans Project going to Bonneville in 2017.


 If this bike could talk, man what stories it could tell! and this bike has more stories to make and to tell.

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Rickey Gadson

Rickey Gadson is the most famous motorcycle dragracer of our generation, earning 11 national championships and remaining highly visible over the past couple of decades. The Philadelphia native is also well known to Motorcycle.com, as his long association with Kawasaki has brought him to every ZX-14 media launch since the bike’s introduction in 2006. Ricky also rode The Orange Bike on Velocity’s Cafe Racer TV 2012 at the drags in Valdosta, Georgia. We actually know Ricky ( and his wife ) and he is a great guy along with being a world class racer!

Ricky can now be seen on TV in a new show on Velocity called Caffeine And Octane, which centers around the motorsports culture in the southeast United States, primarily the huge Caffeine and Octane show held in the Atlanta area, said to be the largest monthly car show in North America. Two episodes have aired so far, and I’ve been entertained by both.

The show is cultivated by Chet Burks Productions, and Gadson joins gearhead TV personality Brian Fuller (Fuller Hot Rods, Fuller Moto) as they investigate incredibly cool vehicles. Most are cars, but with Gadson and Fuller being full-blooded moto enthusiasts, motorcycles also play a role in the show airing Sundays on Velocity.
We are watching this Sunday how about you!

Signs by Liza

Milestone Japanese Superbikes of the 1970s.

 The Story of Seventies Superbikes – YouTube 


A review of the milestone Japanese Superbikes of the 1970s.
As featured in Classic Bike Magazine, John Naish tells the story from behind the handlebars of the era’s legendary bikes: the Honda CB750, Honda 500 Four, Kawasaki H2 750, Kawasaki Z1, Suzuki GT750, Honda GoldWing, Suzuki GS1000 and Honda CBX.

The 70s was an incredible period of motorcycle development. In less than 8 years, everything changed forever – before 1969, features such as electronic ignition, disc brakes, top speeds of over 130 mp/h or quarter mile times of around 12 seconds were almost unheard of. These unique Superbikes made that performance accessible to the mass market.

Shot at Paul Brace’s Proper Bikes in Sussex, England.



Do Rat Bastards Like 1970’s stuff?   You Betcha!

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Honda CB750 Brat

Stolen shamelessly from Tia Swank at Ronin Vintage 

Travis Nolan’s bike… a very nicely modified Honda CB750 Brat built and ridden down here in Tampa, FL.

Tampa, FL

Just a very cool bike built and ridden down here in Tampa! Nice double cam 750!

And not a bad looking rider either…I’m just sayin”

 Is he a Rat Bastard….Yes, indeed!

Signs by Liza